Jane brings her unique blend of analytical thinking, creativity, and interpersonal skills to the forefront, playing a pivotal role in the organization's leasing and tenant connections.

Jane Chypurna

Tenant Services Coordinator

Prior to joining Catalyst, Jane held key positions in the private property management sector, sales, and education, where she gained multifaceted skills and learnt to navigate challenges. Jane’s journey in property management started in 2020 with overseeing high-end real estate rentals in Vancouver and North Vancouver as a licensed property manager.
Outside of the professional realm, Jane finds solace and joy in various activities. Embracing the beauty of nature, running outdoors and hiking holds a special place in Jane’s heart. Whether it’s conquering challenging trails or enjoying a leisurely walk, she finds peace and inspiration in the great outdoors.

"I am a firm believer in the importance of human connections. My spare time is often devoted to spending quality moments with friends, fostering relationships that go beyond the transactional nature of professional life. Through these connections, I draw energy and perspective, reinforcing my belief in the value of community. I love working for an organization that puts people first. Catalyst's commitment to building a community, whilst providing affordable and inspiring places to call home makes each day of my work meaningful."