Our Story

Since 2013, Catalyst has partnered with community organizations, non-profits, municipal governments, and market developers to create or acquire projects that deliver on our mission.

Our Mission

We build community by developing, owning, and operating vibrant, affordable, and inspiring places to live and work.

Our Vision

Everyone has an open door to a home and community that improves their wellbeing and access to opportunity.

Our Values


We take our responsibilities personally, trusting and supporting our colleagues, clients, partners, and peers to do the same. We are empowered to solve problems, engaging different perspectives to envision and deliver long term outcomes.


We are driven by our mission and believe everyone deserves a beautiful home and community that’s affordable to them. We’re committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives and appreciate different perspectives and lived experiences.


We are committed to the creation of thriving, affordable communities, and their long-term success. We’re optimistic and find our way around obstacles with resourcefulness and determination. We continually learn from and adapt to our environment.

Catalyst Housing – Benefits for Communities and People

By working with partners and impact investors and guided by our values, we work to reduce development, operating, funding and land costs to create affordable mixed-income housing and new community spaces.

Individuals and Families

Rental housing available to people with low to moderate household incomes. Our affordability goal: renters spend a maximum of 30% of total income on rent.

Below-Market Rents

Catalyst reinvests revenue from each project to help increase rental affordability over time, offering security of tenure, with rents 10-40% below market.

Livable Communities

By building more affordable housing and community spaces we’re increasing the rental stock and renewing spaces for social gathering, helping to create more diverse neighbourhoods and truly livable communities.