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Catalyst walks you through the complex development process and works with you to identify options that put your organization’s mission and goals first. As a values-driven, not-for-profit organization, Catalyst has the ability to unlock the value of your assets to benefit your organization, and your community, for decades to come.

We’re not looking to make a profit from our projects – we’re looking for long-term financial sustainability for all partners, and opportunities to create more affordable housing in BC. We can also bring equity investment and ongoing management and operations to your project, if needed.

You can trust Catalyst to put your organization and your members first because we’re a non-profit, too. We provide a better alternative to joint ventures with market developers – one that puts your organization in charge of your own future.

What we’re looking for in non-profit partners

  • Organizations with real estate assets available for development or redevelopment
  • A clearly articulated and community oriented mission
  • Organizational strength and ability to make decisions
  • Collaborative mindset

What you get in return

  • Long-term co-ownership of building
  • Making a contribution to the community
  • A way to generate revenue to sustain and support your mission
  • Building community
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