Purposeful Development

Catalyst exists to leverage real estate assets for social change. Catalyst’s mandate is to:

• Partner with community organizations to develop real estate and collectively meet the needs of the community.

• Create vibrant, affordable and inspiring places for people to live and work in.

• Provide opportunities for “social equity” to benefit communities while receiving a fair financial return.

• Ensure that existing real estate assets remain in community ownership to create long-term financial sustainability.

• Own and operate affordable housing and community workspaces to establish a stable position to launch future projects.


Responding to Communities

Real estate values in BC have risen exponentially over the last two decades. Rental vacancy rates are at historic lows. As a result, securing appropriate and affordable housing is a significant challenge for many low to middle income Canadians.

At the same time, these market dynamics have meant that many community organizations (not-for-profits, churches, etc.) that own their own properties, now possess tremendous, untapped asset value.

Community organizations exist to grow, support and nurture healthy communities within neighbourhoods and cities across the country. However, sometimes they find themselves in the challenging position of being asset rich, yet cash poor. The buildings that are meant to serve can become a burden, detracting from their intended purpose.


Partnering to Create Value

Catalyst was created to respond to these situations. As a not-for-profit organization with strong real estate development experience, Catalyst provides the very unique ability to unlock the value of these assets.

In aligning our mission with that of our partners, Catalyst does more than develop buildings – we build community for those we serve.

The goal is to amplify the programs and services offered both inside and beyond the organization’s four walls. By doing so we can stabilize and invigorate our communities, which in turn creates more capacity to contribute in a variety of ways and foster positive change into the future.

We work with groups to assess options for their property and then provide detailed financial feasibility analysis to assist organizations in determining which would be the solution best suited to achieving their mission and meeting their needs.