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  • Tap Turners & Game Changers: Lessons for Melbourne, Victoria and Australia from Affordable Housing Systems in Vancouver, Portland, and Toronto

    Vancouver has created the most social and affordable housing, both new construction and renewed stock, in the past three years... Although outcomes are not yet meeing the needs of low and moderate income households, they show promise of growing suitable supportive, social, and rental housing to the point where ‘affordable housing for all’ is more than a meaningless slogan.Read More


  • Homes that Connect Us: Building social connections and community engagement among residents of multi-family rental housing

    The intent of this report is to highlight inspiring examples of community building in multi-family housing developments of different types. The hope is that insights gleaned from studying these examples stimulate a broader dialogue about opportunities to foster social connectedness in dense typology housing, and influence the sector toward a greater focus on affordability, security of tenure and sociability.Download PDF

  • The Role of Social Investment in Canadian Affordable Housing

    Diversified funding models enable affordable and inspiring non-market rental homes and places for people to work and play, to be consistently delivered to meet community needs, even in the absence of government funding.Download PDF