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Catalyst is a “one-stop shop” for non-profit real estate partnerships, in that we are both a real estate developer and an owner/operator. We find the opportunities, secure land, create the design, get approvals, secure equity and financing, and build the housing and public spaces. In many cases, ownership is shared, and Catalyst operates the completed projects on behalf of our partners.

Non-Profit Partners

Are you a non-profit with property assets that is interested in using these assets to further your mission and create long-term financial sustainability? Are you looking for a development partner that is an expert in real estate, and has shared objectives and an aligned non-profit mission?

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Are you an investor or foundation that wants to play an active role in making our communities stronger, and helping increase housing affordability in BC? Are you looking to collaborate with real estate professionals that apply expertise, efficiency, cost and management to every job we work on?

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