Dr. Mark Roseland

Board Director

Catalyst offers proof that there is another way to create wealth and secure affordable housing. Catalyst is at the cutting edge of a new approach to sustainable real estate development, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Dr. Roseland lectures internationally and advises communities and governments on sustainable development policy and planning. 

Dr. Roseland is Professor of Planning in the graduate School of Resource and Environmental Management and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University. The 4th edition of Dr. Roseland’s best-selling book, Toward Sustainable Communities, was published in June 2012 and released at the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability 2012 World Congress and International Researchers Symposium, associated with the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Dr. Roseland is also leading development of Pando | Sustainable Communities, a new network for sustainable communities researchers and practitioners. 

At SFU, he is a founding member of the SFU Community Trust’s Board of Directors, responsible for the award-winning UniverCity sustainable community development project.  Dr. Roseland has been cited by the Vancouver Sun as one of Vancouver’s “top 50 living public intellectuals,” and he was the 2012 recipient of the SFU Sustainability Network Award for Excellence in Research on Sustainability. In 2013 Dr. Roseland took a leave from SFU to serve a short term as City Planner for the City of North Vancouver.